PayPal is a safe and easy way for to buy tickets and get paid for selling tickets. 

Buying or selling using this method

You can link a PayPal account to your StubHub account directly from your profile or at checkout.

  • Linking a PayPal account from your profile
  1. Go to Settings > Payment 
  2. Under Payment options for buying tickets, choose Add a new payment option
  3. Click PayPal. Log in with your PayPal credentials
  4. Select your billing address
  • Linking a PayPal account at checkout
  1. At Review & Buy, click Add a new payment
  2. Choose PayPal
  3. Follow the steps

Changing my PayPal email address

To change your PayPal email address to buy tickets on StubHub:

  1. Go to ProfileSettingsPayment Payment
  2. Under Payment options for buying tickets, click the trash can next to the PayPal account you want to remove
  3. Click Add a new payment option
  4. Enter the new PayPal email address