Depending on whether you want to buy or sell tickets, the process to add a payment method can vary. 

Setting a payment method for buying or listing tickets

  1. Go to Profile > Payments > Payment methods on a desktop
  2. Click on Add a new payment method
  3. Enter your credit or debit card details and the address information registered with your bank
  4. You may need to validate the process through your bank app
  5. Save it

If you would like to use PayPal to buy tickets, please select PayPal during your checkout process.

Setting a payment method for receiving the payment for your sale

  1. Go to Profile > Payments > Payout methods on a desktop
  2. Select the correct currency tab according to the currency of the event.
  3. Choose PayPal or direct deposit (bank account)

For PayPal

We pre-populate your PayPal email to match your StubHub International info. If this isn’t correct, click the pencil to update the email address. 

For direct deposit

To ensure smooth and hassle-free selling process on our website, it is important to follow the correct procedure when adding a payment method to your account. 

  1. Add or choose from the addresses saved in your account to verify your location. Ensure the bank account belongs to a bank in the same country as your selected address.  
  2. Add the bank account number. Depending on the currency on the event, you must include the following information:
    • For Euro  - You must provide the SWIFT/BIC code after choosen or added an European address.

The SWIFT/BIC code is an international bank identification code, while the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a standardized format for identifying bank accounts internationally.

  • For Pound sterling £ - You must provide the Branch Sorting Code and the Account numberr after choosen or added an UK address. 

The Sorting Code is a unique code consisting of 6 digits that identifies a specific bank and branch. 

To ensure that the system accepts the Sort Code it should be entered using numbers only. Please do not include any hyphens (-), spaces, or special characters. All numbers of the Sort Code should be entered consecutively without any breaks. Following an example:

Sort Code: 88-77-66

Branch Sorting Code to include in our platform:  887766

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