Are you a US resident selling through StubHub International market? In case you have sold and received payments for tickets sold between January 1, and December 31 of any year, we, as a payment settlement entity, are obligated to comply with local regulations.  

In order to generate a complete 1099-K Form as required by state and federal tax laws, you will need to provide us your TIN Number. 


What is a TIN Number?  

TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number. Only available for certain nonresident and resident who cannot get a Social Security Number (SSN). It is a 9-digit number, beginning with the number "9", formatted like an SSN (NNN-NN-NNNN).  

Please note that you, as a payee, will also receive a copy of the form 1099-K. This form will include the gross amount of the reportable payment transactions made to you on our platform during any Fiscal Year. 

How to provide the TIN?

There are two ways to provide this information.  

  1. During the listing process – In step 3 (Seller Information), we will ask you for some personal and contact information, and the last point, will be Tax Information. Here you will need to include you TIN Number. 
    • IMPORTANT: If you don't complete this section (Seller Information), you cannot receive your Form 1099-K from StubHub International. 
  2. From your StubHub International account  – Go to Profile section and under TAX INFORMATION, click on Add TIN/SSN to include the details. 

What happens if I don't provide my TIN?

As mentioned before, sellers with US resident are required by the US state and federal tax laws to provide this information.  

If you don't provide it, you won't be able to list tickets on our platform.  

Did you get a communication from StubHub International asking to provide this information? Please, don't forget to complete it as soon as possible.  

When will I receive the 1099-K Form?

You will receive Form 1099-K if you have any number of transactions that totaled $5,000 or more, or any other amount yearly established by the relevant authorities, in compliance with their regulations. That being said, you only need to pay taxes on any profits you make. In the case you exceed the threshold, we will send you a communication with instructions on how to access and download your Form by January 31st. 

For more details, please contact